September 18, 2021

Smat attended the first major crypto and DeFi conference in Latam.

Smat attended the first major crypto and DeFi conference in Latam.

The Smat team was present at Ethereum Rio 2022, a regional event with a global outlook that was celebrated last week, from 11th to 20th March, at Rio de Janeiro city in Brazil, including the Ethereum Foundation maximum conference.

"The first Ethereum and blockchain independent-run conference for creators, builders, and thinkers in Rio" as defined in the official website in which you can find the complete information like schedule, links of interest, sponsors, and much more about the sensation of ETH Rio 2022."

The weekly agenda started the first three days with a Bootcamp intended for local web2 devs to learn web3 basics, followed by a launchpad as a reversal to a traditional startup pitching day.

The main event took place on March 14-15, having a series of lectures hosted at the Museu do Amanha featuring content of great interest for an entire crypto-enthusiasts audience. The seminars included a variety of topics such as NFTs, Blockchain, DAOs, DeFi, Metaverse, Web3, gaming, wallets, stable coins, smart contracts, scalability, and vulnerabilities.

Innovation and education were the protagonists of the conferences, considered central on the web3 to achieve growth and diffusion of this ecosystem and financial freedom and independence.

The program was also full of social and cultural alternatives, such as cryptoart's social impact and Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) strategies, aimed at the best practices.

Another relevant topic was the one related to blockchain networks and the Brazilian ecosystem, the role of decentralized finance in Latin America, and its relationship with the socioeconomic context there. Even more, an Open Day was conducted in Portuguese, on Wednesday 16th, for students from local communities and the general public through introductory talks and workshops to demystify all web3 entails and bring the public closer to it.

The journey ended on a high note with the surprising appearance of CZ, the CEO of Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange platform. In the meantime, several workshops took place where sponsors could showcase and teach about their platforms. Concluding the event, three days of intensive hackathon sessions happened to create social projects for local communities and other open projects aligned with the UN SDGs.

Throughout the whole conference, there was a lot of emphasis on the importance and necessity of making these technologies and tools more user-friendly; which we think should not only be adapted to non-tech-savvy users but also to traditional financial players.

Thus, at Smat, we work every day to offer our community of professional wealth managers an innovative investment platform with direct access to digital assets and decentralized finance, in the simplest possible way, allowing our existing customers to add crypto to their client's portfolios soon.

This enriching experience enabled us to learn more about new trends in investment, technology, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies; exploring possible partnerships and business opportunities for the present and the future.

Finally, we would like to quote an interesting phrase said by Marcelo Sampaio, CEO of Hashdex (Latin America's largest crypto asset manager), which underlines a key factor in defining future trends.

"There is no technological reason for companies in any asset in the market not to be a native token".