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Smat simplifies the investment journey of the alternative assets industry players via a simple,
yet powerful, financial and technological infrastructure.
It opens up new horizons by bridging the gap between today's market
and increasingly demanded, innovative products.

Wealth Managers

Diversify your clients’ portfolio with
alternative investments

Smat provides wealth managers with the tools to improve their investment process
in the alternative asset class and to manage their clients' portfolio in a consolidated,
secure and dynamic manner.
Smat focuses on the following three pillars:


Wide range of carefully selected alternative investment opportunities which can be digitally subscribed.


Get access to all the standardized information related to each investment opportunity through a secure
data room.


Tap into a secondary OTC market to register your interest in the various products on offer.

as a Wealth Manager >

(Re)finance and distribute
your alternative assets
in just a few clicks!

Post your unlisted investment opportunities (private debt or private equity deals, funds, etc.) to distribute them easily and securely to a community of regulated professional investors, via the first digital platform designed for them.

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Our Network


Investment opportunities.

Get access to circa 5 deals per month which have been carefully selected and reviewed on our platform. All deals are available both on primary and secondary markets.

Private debt deals have real estate, infrastructure or corporate assets as underlying.

Private equity deals include highly demanded products such as SpaceX and EPIC Games pre-IPOs.


Wealth Managers.


Deal Flow ( past deals in CHF).


AUM via our Community (in CHF)

Alternative Deals per Month.




Smat Token Private Investors.


Beta Launch & Expected TGE.


Connected Exchanges at launch.

Bringing the wealth management industry into Web3

Smat offers investors an all-in-one solution to manage their client’s digital assets
and provides seamless access to crypto-currencies and digital assets
by linking Traditional Finance (TradFi) to Decentralized Finance (DeFi).
Manage the full range of Web3 financial services and access all related opportunities, from Security Tokens to NFTs and everything in between.
Invest in the latest opportunities from an all-in-one, efficient tool.

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They already trust us

“Smat provides with an innovative approach to access alternative investments and to capture new private market opportunities as digital assets.”
Maurice Ephrati

MD - Bedrock

"Portfolio Managers will benefit from a (sub)wallet structure based on blockchain technology. I am eager to participate in this development."
Laurent Payer

Administrator - BT Finance

“SMAT already offers interesting private equity and private debt deals. I can't wait to see what's next.”
Benoit-Gilles Cambier

CEO - Conduit Securities

“I've joined the SMAT community to bring my experience to the company and to stay on top of what's next in Wealth Management.”
Vinicius Geromel

Portfolio ManagerSAF & CO

“I am delighted to join this Community because SMAT is uniquely bringing the benefits of blockchain technology to wealth management. Participating in the development of web3 and creating new possibilities in the financial world is very exciting.”
Livien Monti

Fund Manager - Quotebojo

“I’m impressed by the SMAT team and their ability to deliver at a fast pace an alternative investment platform for wealth managers.”
Franck Maimaran

Wealth Manager - Ariane Capital

“In the end, it's always people who makes a company thrive.”
Fabian Eichmüller

COO, Member of the Executive Committee - Gonet & Cie

“Diversifying their clients' portfolio with alternative investments is key today for Wealth Managers. That's where the innovative platform created by SMAT comes in.”
Alain Lapicque

Managing Director - Bank Julius Baer

“I strongly believe in crypto, and I'm convinced that SMAT will be one of the leading players in that space.”
Avi Toledano

Managing Partner - Be Lions

“SMAT's platform is a useful tool for wealth managers interested in digital alternative investment, cryptocurrencies and decentralised finance.”
Alex Naray

Lawyer - Naray Law
Entrepreneur - Bitcoin Academy

“Being able to invest in cryptoassets and to trade cryptocurrencies is becoming increasingly important for wealth managers. That's what makes SMAT so interesting.”
Gregory Tassin

Investor and Entrepreneur - LS Advisors

“I am excited to be a SMAT Ambassador as the demand for alternative investment keeps increasing in wealth management.”
Nicolas Malky

COO, Co-CIO - Inoks Capital 

“I am proud to be part of the first club of wealth managers and I am excited by this project led by a team that I really believe in.”
Manuel de Acevedo

Partner - Stratégie Finance

“SMAT answers the fast growing need of the wealth management community for traditional and digital alternative investments.”
Joseph Safdie

Portfolio Manager - Ariane Capital

“Building an infrastructure which allows wealth managers to invest in cryptocurrencies, NFTs and metaverses on behalf of their clients is key and I want to take part of it!”
Jeff Cohen

Investment Advisor - Ariane Capital

“SMAT was created to enable the Wealth Management community to access more easily traditional and digital alternative investment opportunities.”
Mikael Tandetnik

Ariane Capital

“SMAT has found the perfect solution to meet the new market needs by leveraging technological possibilities - very good vision!”
Benjamin Jolissaint

Branch Manager - Banque Cler

“SMAT's platform is a useful tool for wealth managers interested in digital alternative investment, cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance.”
Xavier Babaud-Dulac

Founding Partner - Karbonalpha

“To be at the forefront of very promising and innovative digital solutions”
Olivier Bernard

CFO/COO, Managing Partner - Amber Lion Partners

“SMAT is a great platform that will change our alternative investment environment, addressing the lack of liquidity and visibility of real assets, and will also facilitate access to the cryptocurrency space.”
David Bally

REYL Group - Business Developer, Wealth Management - EAM

“I've joined the SMAT community for the experience and to be part of an incredible smart team!”
Mickael Benzakin

Senior Director, Co-Head Switzerland, Luxembourg & IsraelH2O AM


Digital alternative investment.

We have designed a unique platform which can be customized to your needs.

Already used by major Swiss and international private banks, the platform enables your private market teams to increase their efficiency, giving them access to all products and information in one place. 

About Us

Smat was created in 2020 to enable the European Wealth Management community to access more easily traditional and digital alternative investment opportunities. Designed as a marketplace, SMAT offers a wide range of private equity and private debt deals which have been carefully selected. Soon, it will also include digital assets, starting with major cryptocurrencies
and decentralized financial services.



Anthony Jaoui
Co-Founder, CEO, Ex-EY
Anthony Touboul
Co-Founder, COO
Ex-Julius Baer, Schellenberg Wittmer
Pierre-Adrien Vibert
Co-Founder, CLO and Head of deal sourcing
Ludovic Brulé
VP, Finance
Lucas Verdiell
VP, project manager.
Livien Monti
VP, Digital Assets
Tilman Schneider
VP, Technology
Java Xu
VP, R&D Blockchain
Maxime Sebti
VP, Marketing

Core Team

Binod Pant
Back-End Developer
Ignacio Monzon
Front-End Developer
Tania Geuna
Community Manager
Facundo Soler
UX/UI Designer
Yimika Erinle
Technical Author

Advisory Board

Fabian Eichmüller
COO, Gonet Bank
Javier Villacastin
 Head of Business Development French/Italian Switzerland, Monaco and Middle East, Julius Baer
Stefano Spurio
Head of Investment Solutions,
Ex-Pictet Wealth Management
Ludivine Baud
 VP, Country Director France, Qonto
Cyril Benhamou
Partner - Lumiplan / Founder - CityAll, CityOne, passetonbillet, foodreporter
Eric Jaoui
Brand Catalyst & Founder - ZionSay
Ouri Wachtel
ex-Partner, Accenture
John Karp
NFT Factory / Organizer - Non Fungible Conference / Creator - NFT Morning
Haiwu He
Co-founder, Head of APAC - / Blockchain Entrepreneur and Researcher, Ph.D
Benjamin Hakoun
Co-founder and CEO - Fittinbox

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