Core Team

Anthony Jaoui

Co-Founder, CEO, Ex-EY

Anthony Touboul

Co-Founder, COO
Ex-Julius Baer, Schellenberg Wittmer

Pierre-Adrien Vibert

Co-Founder, CLO and Head of deal sourcing
Lucas Verdiell profile picture

Lucas Verdiell

VP, Project Manager
Tech Lead
Java Xu profile picture

Java Xu

VP, R&D Blockchain
Pritam Thing profile picture

Pritam Thing

Backend Developer

Ignacio Monzon

Frontend Developer

Pierre Pinateau

Fullstack Developer

Tania Geuna

General Assistant
Mergen Haljanov profile picture

Mergen Haljanov

Investment Analyst
Adela pohancanikova profile picture

Adela Pohancanikova

Business Developer
Clara Santillan profile picture

Clara Santillan

Data Scientist
Emily Cabas profile picture

Emily Cabas

Data Scientist

Ludovic Brulé

Finance Consultant


On Digital Assets

Tilman Schneider


Livien Monti

Digital Assets

John Karp

NFT Factory / Organizer - Non Fungible Conference / Creator - NFT Morning

Haiwu He

Co-founder, Head of APAC - / Blockchain Entrepreneur and Researcher, Ph.D
Gaetan Lajeune profile picture

Gaétan Lajeune

Community Management, Content Writing

On Private Markets

Fabian Eichmüller

COO, Gonet Bank

Stefano Spurio

Head of Investment Solutions,
Ex-Pictet Wealth Management
Gregory Tassin profile picture

Gregory Tassin

Investor & Entrepreneur, LS Advisors